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We are a winery in Le Marche, among the wonderful hillside of Offida, where the wines speak only among themselves  of land and taste. We are people who have chosen a wellness lifestyle and a love of our land. Francesco Bellini, for reasons of well-being, wanted wines that had no added chemical substances or additives to the natural production process. The result is in the seven labels produced today and in the processing methods that we apply at the winery every day. Our wines are the best result of our craftsmanship: day after day, we apply organic farming methods, we prune and harvest exclusively by hand, and performing a further selection of the grapes at the winery before vinification.

Le Marche, in our wines, nothing more

cantina marche

Natural and Excellence are the two founding themes of the “Corporate Vision”.

Natural, from the Latin “naturalis”, means derived from nature, and in turn comes from “natus”, past participle of “born”, to be born. It expresses the capacity of nature to generate, to be born, which is cyclically perpetrated by the vine at each germination. In its common and familiar use it also describes attitudes, spontaneous or instinctive motions, which are not prearranged. These characteristics represent the attitude of the viticultural traditions, which have been present in our territory for centuries, and which for us today are spontaneous…. “natural” characteristics.

Excellence derives from the Latin verb “excellere” which means to surpass. Thus representing the determination and aptitude to surpass one’s self. We want to play an important role in conferring our Territory the importance it deserves in its vocation.

cantina marche
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Bellini family

Property Owners

Riccardo Capanna

Vice President



Andrea Febo

Brand Manager



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Top Player

Davide Galosi


Antonella Ciciriello



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