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We have a wonderful land, where there are no boundaries  between the sea, villages and hills. We have a wonderful story, where people take care of their  own traditions. We have wonderful vocations, where making excellent wines is the result of profound respect for what we have. We have a vision, where we never stop surprising ourselves. We have everything we need to be authentic.

We have Le Marche

Domodimonti, the invisible winery

The philosophy of investing in Domodimonti is based on three key principles: Environmental Sustainability, Organic Purity and Technological Innovation.

Thanks to the firm will of Dr. Bellini, consistent with respect for the environment, one of the greatest efforts has been made to ensure 100% energy sustainability for the winery. A goal achieved and certified thanks to photovoltaics, which made the entire Domodimonti production totally sustainable through renewable energy. In addition, for extreme caution towards one’s own land, all the wastewater from the cellar before being discharged is purified through an advanced purification plant.

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The practices used in the planting of vines and in the processing of vineyards have always followed the rigid schemes of Organic Agriculture and in 2018, the process undertaken ended with the obtaining of the Organic Agriculture Certification according to European and Canadian standards. The organic purity of Domodimonti wines is accompanied by human care in all phases of pruning and harvesting of the grapes, which are carried out by hand following the rhythms of nature. In the case of freshly harvested white berried grapes, cryogenic treatments are carried out at a controlled temperature to guarantee the conservation of the greatest number of aromatic components in a natural way. Natural process, thanks to liquid nitrogen, which allows us to respect the fruit while keeping its unique qualities intact.

If we carry out all the operations in the vineyard manually, the remaining production process in the cellar is guaranteed not only by the careful control of the standards of our winemaker, but by the highest quality facilities for the storage and maturation of the musts. A musts storage and stirring line is entirely dedicated to our Petit Verdot. The general cleaning of any working environment is an indispensable qualitative factor and the constant control of temperatures and humidity is managed automatically through advanced control units connected to the systems. The bottling and labeling chain allows us to independently bottle about 3 thousand bottles per hour in complete safety in a vacuum-packed environment and in a modified atmosphere to ensure biological integrity of the bottled wine.

Love for our Land

The entire estate is located far from inhabited  areas, where the ground lines  draw a corridor towards the sea. It is precisely between the coastal plains of the Adriatic Sea and the Sibillini Mountains that brings to life the ideal climate that renders our wines unique. The entire project was designed to have the least possible impact on the surrounding environment and the structure was built inside the hill that hosts it, so as not to disturb the precious beauty of the surrounding landscape.



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