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Our land has been producing wines for decades.
It is our History, Culture & Tradition. It is our Nature.
Terroir, Vision & Capability are the characteristics of Exellence.
At Domodimonti, we like to call it  NaturalExellence.

Naural and Excellence are the two founding themes of the company’s “Vision”.

Natural, from the Latin “naturalis”, means “derivative of nature”, and it comes also from “natus”, past participle of “nasci”, which means ”to be born”.

Natural expresses the capacity of Nature to generate, to be born, which is cyclically  to the grapevines every year with new germination. Natural, in common and familiar use also describes attitudes, spontaneous and  instinctive notions. These characteristics represent the milestone of our viticultural traditions, which have been present in our territory for centuries and today are our  spontaneous “Natural” features.

Excellence comes from the latin  “excellere” which means to excel. Therefore, Excellence is the property of the superiority, by merit, quality and goodness.

Excellence represents the determination and the attitude of Domodimonti to play a role of primary importance in giving to our Territory a leadership role in the oenological field, nationally and internationally.